Girl on a Plane US review

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This story starts out like any other. A girl is getting ready to go back to school and is flying out the next morning. She is part of a family that moves around a lot due to her dad being in the military.  The author did an amazing job letting us get to know Anna and her family before her world is turned upside down.  I wasn't very sure about this book when I first started but I found out early on that I wasn't going to be able to put it down.

This book is all told while Anna and the other passengers are being held hostage on a plane in the desert but the author again does an amazing job working with this environment. It never felt stagnant when the characters weren't going anywhere. The descriptions of their four days on the plane were vivid and I felt like I was right along with them. 

The flow of this story is worked out so well. Each point unfolds beautifully! This story of survival will touch your heart while ripping it open. All of the characters in this story were amazing. But the three main ones Anna, David, and Tim were the best. Anna is such a strong character. Even though she is in this very high stress situation she only loses her cool a few times. Usually she buttons it up and keeps going.  I hope if by some horrible turn of events I am ever in a situation like this that I could be like Anna as well.  Tim and David were amazing. I wish that the author could have given us more information on what happened to them afterwards.  I know via the amazing Q and A in the back of the book that in real life she did keep tabs with some of the other passengers but then lost touch, to only reconnect after this book was released. But for the story it would have been an interesting turn of events to know what happened to them. As well as the turtle!! 

Half way through this story I decided to look up the events of the 1970 Dawson's Field hijackings, as at the time I wasn't even born. And what I found were many pictures and information about what happened.  This is a great story for those who wish to have their children search about history.

The ending was great. I loved hearing about the future, 45 years later when Anna struggles to put the past in the past. This is one story that will keep you thinking about it for a while.  

Book in a Pinch: Girl's plane is hijacked by refugees

 Go Into This One Knowing: It’s a heart-pounding story based on the author’s real experience with the hijackings of 1970.