BBC World Service Interview coming

Miriam's interview on the BBC's World Service Weekend will be broadcast on Saturday September 12 at 10 a.m. In the UK, this can be found on 92-95 FM, and 198 kHz long wave. For the rest of the world, the relevant information can be found on this link.

September 9: BBC Radio interviews

Miriam recorded several interviews with BBC Local and Regional radio stations. Her interview with BBC Radio Oxford can be heard from 1hr:8m:28s and then 1hr:20m:40s on this link and you can hear her live interview with BBC Radio Lancashire on this link from 1hr:52m. When we have information about the broadcasting of her pre-recorded interviews with Radio Sussex and Surrey, and Radio Hereford and Worcester, we'll post them.

September 8 BBC South-East Today appearance

Miriam's interview with BBC TV South-East Today can be seen on this link, starting at 18 minutes and 50 seconds. It will also be on the SE Today website for those out of the area for one day only. It can also be picked up on SKY regional TV if you search for BBC South-East on the menu.

Weekend Woman's Hour interview

MIriam's interview on Woman's Hour on September 1 was selected to be replayed on Weekend Woman's Hour on September 5. Click on this link to hear it: it starts 26 minutes and 10 seconds into the programme.

5-star review in Books for Keeps

The Books for Keeps reviewer loved Girl on a Plane, giving it a 5-star review.

"It's a unique and extraordinary story, exceptionally well told. Miriam Moss enables her readers to share her own ‘life-defining’ experience; we can only admire the courage and resilience shown by her and the other human beings caught up in it."

Click on this link to read the review in full.

Miriam's live interview on Woman's Hour September 1

Miriam's live interview today on Woman's Hour can be heard by downloading the broadcast from BBC iPlayer or from this Woman's Hour link

Of Miriam's novel, Woman's Hour presenter, Jane Garvey, said: "I do recommend (Girl on a Plane)'s really, really interesting..."


For nerve-shredding drama, go to Miriam Moss’s Girl on a Plane (Anderson, £7.99).

Based on the author’s experience of travelling on a flight hijacked by Palestinian guerrillas in 1970 when she was aged 15, this fine novel stretches over four days spent in blisteringly hot conditions with minimum food and water. Sitting next to Tim, a sprightly nine-year old, and David, a more lordly 17, Anna – Moss’s fictional alter-ego – still manages to find humour and understanding between feelings of rising panic. Her worst moment occurs when, after returning to the aircraft from a rare visit outside, she squeezes past a heavily armed guard and her buckle catches on his belt “crammed with bullets and hung with grenades”.

This incident actually happened: some of the rest has been re-imagined but the whole package hangs together seamlessly. Check where the tissues are before getting to the final reunion between loving mother and daughter after all the tension that has gone before.

First Review - and it's five stars!

Delighted by Girl on a Plane's first review, from The Bookbag.

Miriam Moss' debut young adult novel is one of the best I've read...outstanding characterisation...emotional punch...brave and incredibly moving...remarkably sympathetic. Overall this is a tense, gripping and heart-rending must-read for teens and adults alike. Just make sure you have a box of tissues to hand!

Read the full review HERE:



Only three weeks to go ....