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MOSS, MIRIAM Girl on a Plane.
 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016 [288p] ISBN 978-0-544-78399-
R Gr. 7-10

Fifteen-year-old Anna leads a divided life, traveling between her English boarding school and her family in Bahrain, where her father is stationed. The Middle East is a volatile place in 1970, however, and on this trip back to the UK, Anna’s plane is hijacked by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and flown to a desert airstrip in Jordan. There Anna and her fellow passengers wait as hostages, hoping for their eventual release and fearing a tragic end. Moss bases the story on her own experiences as a teen aboard a hijacked airplane in 1970, and she does an excellent job with the details of the experience, effectively conveying the convergence of small annoyances (drunk fellow passengers), serious discomforts (the scarcity of food and water, the temperature rising above 100°F in the airplane’s metal fuselage in the desert), and large fears (one captor who clearly wishes to kill them all). Anna’s bonding with her seatmates David (an agemate) and Tim (a young boy tending his beloved little turtle) adds another dimension of emotional reality, as do Anna’s wary conversations with one of the hijackers. Ultimately, the book combines you- are-there reality with the shape of fictional narrative, and it’ll make for wide-eyed and suspenseful reading. An extensive epilogue describes Moss’ recent return to the site; a note differentiates the fact from the fiction.

Booklist Review US

Girl on a Plane

On September 9th, 1970, 15-year-old Anna sets foot on a British Overseas Airways flight from Bahrain to London. Moments later, the plane is hijacked by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The fourth in a series of recent hijackings, the 105 passengers on Anna's flight are used to negotiate the release of prominent PFLP "comrade" Leila Khaled from British prison. Rooted in Moss' real-life experience, the novel chronicles four devastating days in the Jordanian desert as Anna and fellow passengers are deprived of food, water and electricity, and enveloped by tanks, reporters, and rigged explosives - while the region erupts in civil unrest, and the world, including Anna's frantic family, holds it's breath. It can be hard to grasp the timeline of the book's major events, and some readers will crave an overview of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Nevertheless, Anna's agreeable first-person dialogue opens dialogue to interesting voices: freckled schoolboy Tim (and tough pet terrapin, Fred); cynical yet sensitive David; and Palestinian refugee Jamal. A unique glimpse into a pivotal point in world history.

Briana Shemroske


September 13th2016

GIRL ON A PLANE -  IS PUBLISHED IN USA by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

NOVA US REVIEW - Highly recommended

Edinburgh Festival

Miriam's event on August 13th was with Adrien Bosc (Constellation, Serpent's Tale) and was chaired by Eleanor Updale.


First US review!

An intense, realistic and absolutely gripping story .. and a thrilling read.  School Library Journal, USA

Fifteen-year-old Anna has been living in Bahrain with her family while her father has been stationed there by the British Armed Forces. She is supposed to fly back to her English boarding school by herself. It is September 1970, and the plane is hijacked by members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), who force the pilot to land the plane at a deserted airstrip in the Jordanian desert and turn off the power. The guerrillas demand the release of imprisoned PFLP members, and they threaten to blow up the plane and kill the passengers unless their demands are met. Anna and her fellow passengers suffer from heat and cold, hunger and thirst, and the claustrophobic confinement of the plane as they wait to see whether they will live or die. It is implied that one of the guerrillas sexually assaults a young woman on the plane, but this is never made explicit. Moss was a teenager when she was on a plane hijacked by Palestinian terrorists in the fall of 1970, and this book is a slightly fictionalized version of her experience. This is an intense, realistic, and absolutely gripping story; many readers have never heard of this incident and won’t know the outcome. It is not a one-sided treatment; a PFLP guerrilla tells Anna about the deaths of his family members and atrocities that occurred in Palestine. VERDICT An excellent choice for a book discussion or for a class on world history, and a thrilling read.

Kathleen E. Gruver, Burlington County Library, Westampton, NJ

Sharjah International Book Festival April 25 - 29th 2016

Miriam worked with children in Sharjah at Dar Al Marefa School, the Australian International School, and took part in a panel discussion in the Expo Centre on Childhood Experiences and the Role of Children's Literature with Jon Walter and AbduRida AlSajwani.

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Girl on a Plane has been shortlisted for the Historical Association's Young Quills Award.

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Girl on a Plane at Cadogan Hall

Miriam gave a talk about GIRL ON A PLANE at Cadogan Hall, London (5, Sloane Terrace, SW1X 9DQ) at 11.30 am Wednesday 20th January. All proceeds to Parkinson's UK.

Banbury Literary Live Festival Sunday November 22

Miriam attended the Banbury Literary Live Festival.
Her 11.40 a.m. session was on DOCTOR MOLLY’S MEDICINE CASE with the younger children.
At 13:20 p.m. she be talked about and read from her novel, GIRL ON A PLANE.

CBeebies TV

Miriam's latest picture book, DR MOLLY'S MEDICINE CASE, was read by Mary Anne Hobbs on CBeebies TV on November 4.

Cover for the US edition

Delighted to show you the cover for the US edition of Girl on a Plane, which will be published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in September 2016!

Henley Literary Festival: workshop for Dr Molly's Medicine Case

At 11 a.m. on Sunday October 4,  in the Hotel du Vin in Henley, Miriam performed in an interactive event based on her new novelty book, Doctor Molly's Medicine Case (Walker).

Below, being magicked better at the Henley Festival using Dr Molly’s Medicine Case!'

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